Day 1 – Founder’s Circle

OH MY OH MY!  I had a very busy day that started at 3:30am this morning!!!  YEP – that's when I sprang out of bed (more like crawled on my belly) to get ready for a fun filled day of flying! 

My good friend and partner in inky crime made this headband for me!  It all started when we were headed to Salt Lake City in July.  I always sleep on my flights…like it's a problem.  Sometimes we don't even get off the ground and I'm sleeping.  When I woke up – sitting next to another one of my good friends – I found the snack cart had gone by and Sarah didn't get me any snacks while I was snoozing – WHAT????  I had a heart to heart with her and told her that "I WILL ALWAYS TAKE THE SNACK!"  And that's how I wound up with a headband to ensure that when I'm flying alone – I WILL ALWAYS GET THE SNACK! LOL!!!  Here's the photo I posted on Facebook this morning to show everyone that I was really wearing it!


And here's a photo to show that it worked!!!


 Here are some photos of my beautiful room…




I ran into my friend Dawn Griffith in the hallway and she invited me into her room to check out the view from the balcony…



Where we watched the staff setting up for our WELCOME DINNER…how pretty!







We had a BBQ type dinner followed by this AMAZING chocolate cake…


Stampin' Up! always assigns us to groups – so that we sit at a table with other demonstrators that we may not know…and get to know each other!  Our group is called the Sunglasses.


Check back tomorrow where I'll share more fun photos with you!

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  1. Your headband is very smart! Glad that you can sleep on a plane…I can doze and read, but that is not the same as sleeping! What a great room….know you and everyone will have a fabulous time being spoiled by SU! ENJOY!!!


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